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Pleasant Childers

Pleasant Childers was born about 1764, and died 25 April 1838.

He enlisted in the 5th Regiment as a Private in May 1780, under the command of Captain Parker of the Regiment, and Colonel Armstrong of the North Carolina Continental Line.Pleasant served with the North Carolina Continental Line until May 1781, when, at the age of 17, he was honorably discharged at Cross Creek, North Carolina by Capt. Armstrong.

His wife was Sarah Jeffries.


Thomas Colley

Thomas was born about 1750 and died after 28 October 1800 in Russell Co., VA.

He resided in Washington Co., VA during the American Revolutionary and assisted in establishing American Independence while acting in the capacity of Private in the Virginia Militia, in the 1780 march of North Carolina in Col. William Campbell's force.

He was married to Judith (?).

James Davidson

James was born about 1758.

He enlisted as a Soldier in the Virginia Militia, in Montgomery County, Virginia. He served under Col. William Campbell, and was at the Battle of Kings Mountain.

His wife was Margaret "Peggy" Davidson.



George Fuller

George was born 1757, and died 16 March 1848.

George was a Private in the North Carolina Continental Line. He served for twelve months, and was at the Battle of Eutaw Springs in South Carolina, on 08 September 1781 .

His wife was Nancy.


John Jessee

John was born about 1750 and died after 17 November 1815.

He assisted in establishing American Independence by enlisting as a noncom-musician. He was in the Yarborough's Regiment with Col. Abraham Shepard's 10th Regt. He left service on April 22, 1782.

His wife was Frances Lea.


John McLaughlin/McGlothlin

John's date of birth is unknown. He died 17 February 1848.

On 06 May 1776, being a resident of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, he enlisted for a three year term. He served under different officers and regiments, before being discharged at Guilford North Carolina on 14 May 1779.

John was married to Judith Leathers.


Walter Mattingly/Matney

Walter was born about 1735, and died 11 March 1799.

He was living in Montgomery County, Virginia, when he enlisted in the Militia under Capt. William Bobbits.

He was marrried to Mary (Smith?).



John Mullins

John was born about 1755, and died 28 February 1849.

John enlisted as a Continental Line Soldier/Private in Henry County, Virginia, under Captain James Poteets. He fought in the Battle at Kings Mountain, October, 1780.

John was married to Jennie Bailey.


John Christopher Olinger

First enlisted in Capt. Cunningham's Company in Augusta County, Virginia, he served multiple times and many places. He served as a private soldier, marching from Hagers Town, Maryland, to Philadelphia. He then went by water to Trenton, from Trenton to Brumwick and on to Sandy Hook, New York. He remained in Sandy Hook until he was discharged.

He then enlisted at Carlisle under Capt James Potter, serving three years. This time was mostly spent driving General Thompson's baggage wagon. He was discharged after the Battle of Brandywine. Upon returning to this home in Staunton, Virginia, he was drafted for three months for the siege of Little York. He served as one of the Guards to Winchester under Capt Buckhannon in Col. Lewis' Regiment. He was discharged at the Barracks at Winchester.

John was married to Eva Margaret Siler.


James Osborne

James was born about 1760 and died 14 December 1821 in Russell Co., VA.

He resided in Washington Co., VA. He assisted in establishing American Independence while acting in the capacity of soldier. He served with Capt. Joseph Martin in Washington Co., VA in 1777.

He was married to Mary.


Simon Stacy

He served as a Private in the Militia of Virginia. He served under Capt. Daniel Triggs in 1781.

Simon was married to Elizabeth Davidson. He died before 14 October 1822.


John Sykes

John was born in 1750 at Prince George Co., VA and died at Russell Co., VA on 27 March 1851.

John resided in Prince George Co., VA during the American Revolution. He assisted in American Independence while serving in the capacity of Private in VA. His service was under Capt. Hartwell Raines and Col. Benjamin Ruffin.

He was married to Lucy.


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